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Russell Lewis

Sarge treats his customers as guests. I know that he was juggling schedules of many families at the same time, but we were made to feel like we were his number one priority for the entire week. Sarge and his entire crew are friendly and cuerteous. They went way out to give us the best service at a better than reasonable rate. Sarge never failed to provide a ride at any given hour, at our whim. There are not enough words to express the gratitude I have for all the hospitality, advice and information we were given. We have one more PIR to attend early next year. I look very forward to renewing our friendship.

Jessica Medina
Dec 3rd to Dec 6th 2015
Let me start by saying THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SERVICE SARGE. You and your team are in my opinion God sent. His team is amazing. They all treat you so nice and are always on time. Their rates are AWESOME!!! They pick you up at the airport and take you to your hotel ..round trips are available if you need a ride back to the airport after graduation, then to the Meet and Greet , then to the graduation for an amazing price. Doesn't matter how many people or your destination you have they will make it possible. I went 13 deep lol Yes it was a lot of us, mind you we've never been to Chicago and he made everything go so smooth. I don't know what I would have done without them. Sarge himself also came to my hotel and dropped off my sons Div coin after I ordered it on EBay Yes he did Isn't that amazing. I highly recommend they are the BEST!! Before I go I also want to say make sure you go to the Meet and Greet they have lots of items they raffle off. Great prices on t shirts and sweaters and you can get them custom made right there on the spot. Don't forget to bring something It is not mandatory but it would be nice. Most of the family members make basket filled with goodies. Example so you have an idea on what to put in the baskets ....Navy items, wine baskets, Baked items etc. if your not into making baskets, you can probably buy one at a local store already made or just donate some cash. He has a donation box set up at the Meet and Greet. Anything you can donate helps FYI he pays for everything himself. He buys all the food for the Meet and Greet out his own pocket and I must say the food was YUMMY and there was enough to feed almost a few hundred people. So it would be nice to donate whatever you can. It helps him and his staff tremendously on making this event possible for us. I must say I enjoyed myself and so did my husband and family. Please spread the word to all the new moms and family members that will be heading his way. Even let your recruiters office know that if anyone goes to GREAT LAKES this service is #1 and very helpful. Give them the website so they can share to new recruits and their families They will thank you in the future TRUST ME. Good luck to everyone and safe travels. Once again thanx Sarge for everything. God bless you and your team.

Tricia & Dan Whitcomb
Thank you to you and your wife for a lovely dinner last night! We really appreciated the meal, the info, and all the effort that went into it!

Thank you also for the advice for parking at the metra lot, and dress code info. My husband and I actually got selected to sit on the review stand, and it was an amazing experience! It is something everyone would like, no one expects, and makes a super experience that is unforgettable! What a treat and a pleasant surprise! ??
God bless you in your efforts to support and encourage the families of our military, we cannot thank you enough!

Tricia & Dan Whitcomb

Frank & Iris Venezuela
November 25-29, 2015
Typically, I don?t write reviews about services rendered; however, this time I needed to make an exception and I?ll address it directly to you, John ?Sarge" Spadaro. Sarge, the affordability, the constant communication, and the timely manner with which you delivered the service was, to say the least, impressive. However, while I am thankful for the outstanding service you provided to our son-in-law to ensure his safe transportation to the airport, I am more grateful for the love and care that you put into delivering that service. I?d never imagined that a ?taxi service? would turned out to be act of love, respect, and dedication for the well-being of our family members serving in the military. Kudos and many blessings to you and your team!

Kelly & Kathy McDaniel
Sarge and his team were completely dedicated to helping us reach our destination on time and at the best value. We were planning to board a train at one location, when our driver informed us it'd be better to attempt a different location because we may be too late for the first (our fault not his). He was right. He and his support team got us to the new location just in time for our train. And they even followed up to make certain we had made it on board!!

These guys picked us up EXACTLY on time, kept in constant contact with us regarding their whereabouts and were courteous, professional and helpful. Sarge and his team even checked local train schedules twice (night before and day of travel) to make CERTAIN we departed from the correct location to get us to Union Station, preventing us from walking with 4 bags in the cold and snow.

These guys have EARNED our business and commitment. Bravo Sarge. You're certainly on time and on target!

Tracey Stephens
November 19-21 2015
Sarge and his team provided crazy good service! He kept us on time and on track our entire stay! He provided us with information that we couldn't of googled and made us feel like family! His team went far beyond their call of duty and it felt good to have someone provide a service that was so informative and always ahead of schedule! He took the head ache out of our entire stay!

Vivian Bell
July thru November
Sarge was a Godsend! I met him because he picked me up from the airport. But his service didn't stop there. He sent me picks every time my daughter was in his taxi with a mini update. Not only that! But my daughter called him with all her military questions and he really watched over her as if she was one of his own. Nothing can explain a mother's ease when her baby girl is all alone in a strange town. A million thanks to a person who truly goes above and beyond.

Katherine Goodwin

Oct 21-25, 2015
All of Sarge's drivers were extremely courteous. They arrive in a timely fashion and were honest and reasonable with their fares. It made my trip so much easier knowing that Sarge was taking care of us. We will be using him on our next trip north.

Star Jones

The staff is awesome!

Melissa Young

We were completely satisfied and would definitely recommend this service to all out of town PIR families! We brought our 2 daughters 1 son in law and 5 grand kids ranging from 8 weeks to 6. We were always on time and taken anywhere our sailor asked! Love Sarge and all of his crew!!

Bonnie Gilmer

October 23,24 25
Your service was the only dependable service!! You always showed up, gave us military discounts and every single gentleman that drove us was an upstanding one of a kind guy. Especially JD. He prayed with us!! Thank you so much for your services!! 
Bonnie & John Gilmer and son C. Laughlin

Beth Gribas

Sarge and his team of drivers are wonderful. Whether spur of the moment or scheduled prearranged pick-up, Sarge is ready and always in a good mood. After just a couple of minutes talking with him, you can tell he truly CARES about our sailors and their families. He is a wealth of knowledge of all things Navy! Not only did he drive us several times, but he drove me sailor many, many times while he was stationed at Great Lakes after graduation. The fares he charges are fair and cheaper than his competition.

Carrie Grow Hoke

8/21 15
My family was very satisfied with your services. You were very informative about how military works and very punctual on time. Your rates were awesome! I would reccomend any family visiting for PIR to use your services to get to and from the graduation. 

Melissa Fulton

Sept 24 Thru Sept 28, 2015
Sarge and his team went above and beyond any expectations we might have had in hiring his services. Provided us with round trip to the Navy Lodge and then O'Hare for our return flight. We used his services a couple of times during our stay (until we got a rental w/Sarge's help). He gave us very good advice on navigationing the base and the city. His knowledge was invaluable to us and we consider him a part of our Navy family. Do not hesitate in using his services. They are very reasonable on price and give you information and advice you cannot put a dollar value on. 

Rebecca Franklin

4/1- 4/5/15
I cannot say enough good things about you guys. From the moment you picked us up at the airport, through Meet/Greet, PIR, getting our Sailor back on time and all the little side trips during our visit you all took excellent care of our family. You were reliable and on time. We also got the benefit of your expert advice on what to see/do and what to avoid. We were so happy we did not rent a car at the airport and have to deal with the traffic and directions. We were able to just enjoy. I wish you guys were at all the bases, because you truly care about Navy Family. 

Betty McIntosh

10-16-15 through 10-18-15
My trip plans changed at the last minute, actually day before PIR. I was traveling to Chicago alone after my husband's work had an emergency. Originally we had rented a car but after this I knew right away to call Sarge because I did not want to drive around in a foreign city alone. I called Sarge around 7:30pm the night before my plane was to leave. Sarge was very helpful & made me feel at ease that everything would he okay & he assured me that he would take care of me. He sent me an email with all the info and I flew out of Orlando the next day at 7:30am. I arrived to a phone call from Mark who told me exactly where to meet him. He was fantastic! Drove me everywhere I needed to be and got me there on time, even last minute calls to him & he was there. I am so greatful to Sarge & Mark for taking care of me! Everything was so easy & I wouldn't have chosen anyone else. Thank you!!!

Robert Reynolds


Zita Biehle

Picked us up at Chicago OHare, return trip to Great Lakes. Took us to PIR, Meet and Greet. Anywhere we needed to go over the few days used this taxi service.
It was like being met by an old friend at the airport even though we never met before!! Prompt service. Tons of local knowledge so we could make the most of our time. Nothing was too much trouble, stopping for food, to buy drinks. Everyone super kind and helpful. They really care about their customers
Cannot speak highly enough about Sarge and his drivers. I have lived and travelled in different countries and have never had such good service and such kindness shown to me as a customer. Cannot recommend them highly enough. Its a very unique and special experience to be driven by Sarge and his drivers. 

Misty Chavez

Many Pick-Ups & Drop Offs, never used any other services our entire stay other then Sarges!
EVERYTHING! Sarge personally picked us up on several occasions, even going out of his way, very late in the night, just to make sure that we arrived back to the Lodge safely & to make sure my boy was back on base on time. He went above, and beyond what anyone has ever done for us. He is truly a Blessing, I firmly believe he is an Angel that was placed here, to do Gods work through him! No one will ever be able to stand up to him, and his crew-
EVERYTHING! Sarge personally picked us up on several occasions, even going out of his way, very late in the night, just to make sure that we arrived back to the Lodge safely & to make sure my boy was back on base on time. He went above, and beyond what anyone has ever done for us. He is truly a Blessing, I firmly believe he is an Angel that was placed here, to do Gods work through him! No one will ever be able to stand up to him, and his crew-
I will NEVER use anyone other then him, and his crew for the rest of my life while visiting. He deserves the upmost respect, and to know just how truly valuable he is to many of our Navy Families! 

Laura Newberry

took us to PIR and returned us back to the hotel immediately
then to navy lodge after changing hotels from the Crosslands
Absolutely amazing service and very professional, prompt service. Absolutely the best prices and service for the amount of times we used your service. Look forward to using the service my next trip to visit my son. 
Thank you to your team !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kaylin carrick

Shuttle. Taxi. Meet and Greet. 
Amazing. This was my first time ever leaving my state and my first time flying. My driver William contacted me before and after I got off the plane. The driver was very specific about where to find him. I was always picked on time. Whether shuttle or taxi this team was awesome. Especially for those of us new to the military life. The conversation is comforting and informative. As well as the meet and greet where you get a wonderful taste of the military family that you have just joined. You can see their genuine care for the recruits and their family. 
Thank you guys for all you do. Keep it up! & may God continue to bless you and your families. 



Thank you so much Sarge John L. Spadaro for saving my sailor and some of her fellow shipmates today when she called you from North Chicago because the train ended them there instead of stopping at the GREAT LAKES stop for them, for some odd reason. My daughter said, when they got stuck in N. Chicago none of them knew what to do. She thought of you right away and she was so grateful she still had your number (from holiday stand down) in her cell. She also said you were very kind and concerned for them, told them to stay put and you would have a driver to them right away. She said the driver was there within 10mins of her call to you. I am so grateful our sailors have someone like you to always keep watch over them and also help keep them safe.

You were our savior during holiday stand down and that is even truer today. I have a feeling this will not be the last time I hear from my daughter about our awesome Sarge and his group of wonderful drivers and of course the fantastic services provided. Thank you again so very much, you and your drivers are a true blessing to us NAVY parents, our sailors and our servicemen and women. You all give us a constant calming in our hearts and minds just knowing that we/they are all in good hands
Best service - he looks out for our sailors.

Ed Garrish

Taxi service
I can't say enough about Sarge and his crew. He is one of a kind. If you go to your sailor's PIR and you don't meet Sarge, you will never know what you have missed. He is a class guy who will do whatever it takes to make you happy. 

When I was planning for my son's PIR, I turned to Sarge for his advise. He suggested that I stay at the Marriott SpringHill, which was across the street from the meet and greet. I also used his complete and professional Taxi service. 

Before I knew it, the big day was here. My assigned driver met us at Midway Airport. From that point on, William was a gem. His courteous and professional service was second to none. He drove us anywhere we wanted to go at any time. That also meant picking us up at 3:30 AM on the Saturday morning that my sailor shipped out. He picked us up at 8:45 PM from O'Hare airport that night. 

The whole trip was a great time that we will never forget. From the navy pier, to the meet and greet to the PIR. We had a great time thanks to Sarge and William. While at the meet and greet, SARGE made the party fun and exciting. After I personally met and shook hands with him I knew he was genuine. You won't meet many like him. 

In closing, I would encourage anyone who is planning a trip to a PIR. to , without hesitation,CALL SARGE!!! You will be glad you did. You've heard the expression BO knows, well,SARGE knows. Bravo Zulu Have a great time. I know I did. 


His team is great and are Military Veterans. Thank you guys for your service.

Casey Mackert

Sarge - thank you SO much for everything Thursday night. My husband and I completely enjoyed the evening, what a wonderful way to bring Navy families together - and - it was nice to meet all of my "virtual" friends!! Thanks again, Sarge!

Susan Mulligan Santry

You ARE the best Sarge. THANK YOU. We had lovely weekend and really enjoyed the meet & greet. Met new friends there and will be recommending your PIR shuttle service to all. Cannot understand why anyone would do otherwise. Thank you again! God Bless

Connie Cuello

Hi Sarge, it's Connie. Just wanted to say thank you again for a great PIR experience and conversions with you! You are an angel to us Navy families n our kids! I hope to see you and the family in the future. Take care & God bless

Erin Orr wrote:

Hi Sarge. We came to your meet and greet the other night and really appreciate everything you do for the families. It helped us so much, accurate information on how to navigate etc. and without that I'm not sure we would have got our sailor where he needed to be, or we would have gotten to the right place at ohare. So we are very thankful. I needed to check with you about what the company is that you had there selling navy clothing. I bought a few things and I have a friend who really likes it all and would like to order too. Thank you in advance! Appreciate all you do.

Sarge Wrote: their website is

Tom W. Andrews

About two years ago we first went to a Sarge's meet and greet. Our eldest son joined the Navy and we attended his graduation. We went to the Meet and Greet, not knowing what to expect. You made us welcome and gave us a thorough briefing. When our youngest son joined the Navy last year, we planned the trip to Chicago with your Meet and Greet in mind. I encouraged all the new Navy parents to make the Meet and Greet. Sarge, a couple of weeks ago, our eldest son transferred from the Naval Reserve to the Kansas Army National Guard. He will go to Basic on 1 April 2015 at Ft. Sill. So, we will have one sailor and one soldier in our family. We look forward to attending Evan's graduation in the summer, but we will surely miss Sarge's Meet and Greet. Thanks again Sarge for all that you do!

Paul Murphy posted to Sarge John L. Spadaro July 26

Thank you sarge for your great service and most of all for your advice and all that you do on a continued basis for our sailors. Your information was spot on. The meet and great a great help. This trip would not have been anywhere as smooth as it was without your help I will be sure to recommend you to all. Best of luck to you and thank you again.

Rebekah Boomerboller posted to Sarge John L. Spadaro

Hey sarge! I just wanted to say thank you once again for everything you did when I was visiting my sailor. You are an amazing man and I can't wait for my next trip. You made things so much easier. Thank you once again! See you next time

Candy Williams-Nwosu posted to‎ Sarge John L. Spadaro

July 26 near Chapel Hill, NC

Hi sarge, it was nice meeting and talking to you. Thanks for all your help with transportation and the very informative meet and greet navy dinner.
Blessings to you and your family

Deana Whitley Pinkelton posted to Sarge John L. Spadaro July 21

You have really made Whitley Brooke Thaxton think about her future after our early morning ride to the airport with you. You are awesome and we are thankful for all you do for our Navy families.

Lauren Martin July 21

I had an amazing time visiting Jess in Chicago and thank you Sarge John L. Spadaro for putting up with us the past three days lol you're the best taxi driver ever can't wait for thanksgiving lol thanks for adopting me!

Renee Cook Driver wrote on your Time line. July 5 at 7:33pm

Sarge, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for EVERYTHING that you did for us during our stay for P.I.R.! Without you, and Sarge's Taxi Service, I don't know what we would have done. Your invaluable information, your punctuality, and your genuine love for our country and for our sailors meant/means the world to us. We will ALWAYS look back on this special time in our lives with fond memories. Sarge is to P.I.R. as peaches are to Georgia. Keep up the great work; you are truly a hero, in many ways. We will always look back on this special time in our lives with fond memories. Sarge is to P.I.R. as peaches are to Georgia. Keep up the great work; you are truly a hero, in many ways

Mildred Ciraco wrote on your Time line.June 16 at 6:39pm

I can't thank you enough for what you did for us. Not just the car just being there when we needed help with anything . I feel so much better knowing you are there to help our son when he needs assistance. I know he is in good hands. Again thank you for everything.

Stacey Tibbs wrote on your Time line. June 14 at 8:42pm

Sarge John L. Spadaro I just want to say thank you so much for all you and your wife and team did for PIR 061314!!!! You are an amazing, caring and special person. You have touched many peoples lives and I know you will continue to do so. I am just thankful I was able to meet you. Enjoy your lavender candle ;).

Helen Arnold wrote on your Time line. June 2 at 11:47am

Thank you for everything Sarge! We got back in Phoenix on time. Say thanks to Mark. You guys are awesome can't thank you enough Sir! Take care and God Bless you always. Miss our daughter again but at least we spent some time with her.

Susan Abinsay Conaway wrote on Sarge's Taxi Service's time line.

I wanted to take a moment to tell the FB world how pleased my family was with the service we received from Sarge, Anthony, and the rest of the Metro Cab crew during our short visit to Great Lakes this past weekend. They were very informative and extremely helpful as we tried to maximize our limited time with our son. Sarge even took some family photos for me! They went above and beyond on all accounts and I highly recommend them for your travel and transportation needs.

These guys ROCK!

KIM O'NEIL via Face Book 8/11/14

Sarge, I cannot express my deepest gratitude to all you do for our Sailors. Starting with Mark who picked us up on time (if not earlier), he was such an added bonus to help us make the most of our time, we just adored him! Followed by your fabulous Meet and Greet that allowed all of our Sailor's families to get together and share in the celebration, you help keep Navy tradition alive and well, we shall never forget your kindness and generosity, we will truly recommend you to everyone! Thank you from our heart! The O'Neil's.